About the Committee

Advisory Committee on Investment Responsibility


Role Member Term Ends
Chair, Faculty, Duke Law Lawrence Baxter 2019
Faculty, Trinity, Dept. of Economics A. Craig Burnside 2020
Faculty, Sanford School,
Political Science & Public Policy
D. Sunshine Hillygus 2019
Faculty, Nicholas School Martin Smith 2019
Administrator, CIO & Vice President,
Information Technology
Tracy Futhey 2019
Administrator, Executive Vice Dean
for Administration, School of Medicine
Scott Gibson 2020
Duke Student Government (DSG) Luke Farrell 2020
Graduate & Professional
Student Council (GPSC)
Ewan Kingston 2019
Duke StudentGovernment (DSG) Saheel Chodavadia 2020
Graduate & Professional
Student Council (GPSC)
Tyler Johnson 2020
Alumni Jeff Howard  2020
Trustee Bill Hawkins  2019

Ex-Officio and Advisors

Role Member Term Ends
Ex-Officio, Deputy University Counsel Christopher Lott 2020
Ex Officio, Associate Vice President &
Deputy Treasurer
Tori Nevois 2020
Advisors, DUMAC
Chief Compliance Officer
Advisor, Sr. Legal & Compliance Analyst
Jennifer Dimitri
Lisa Theall
Advisor, Sr. Vice President &
Secretary to the Board of Trustees
Richard Riddell NA

Term:  2 years

Documents & Guidelines

Advisory Committee on Investment Responsibility , May 2020

BOT Statement on Climate Change and Investment, May 2020

Guideline on Investment Responsibility, May 2020

Risk Management

Charter-ACIR , September 2016

Charge to ACIR, December 2013

Creation of PSC and ACIR, November 2004

Duke University Guideline on Socially Responsible Investing, August 2004

Committee Summaries and Reports

FINAL ACIR April Meeting Summary 2019 04 22

FINAL ACIR October Meeting Summary 2018 10 18

FINAL ACIR Annual Report 2017-18

REV 04 20 ACIR Meeting Summary April 9 2018

FINAL ACIR Committee minutes Oct 26 2017